Quick coupling system

Quick coupling system

Quick coupling system suitable for all Ferrari 2 personnel baskets with gravity balancing; it permits the coupling of the basket with only one person.

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Suitable for telehandler


Coupling system for personnel baskets. Can be mounted on all baskets FAB, Agly, FAV, SKYLER and SKY. Rapid and easy to install coupling on the baskets (only 1 operator needed). The quick coupling system, complete of the suitable fixing screws for the installation, is a link between the basket and the crane, in zinc-plated high-resistance Strenx 420 steel, that allows the operator to hook and unhook the basket to the crane with ease and efficiency. It comes with either 4 or 6 screws depending on the model of the basket on which it is mounted; the 6 screws ensure a safer connection on the baskets with bigger load capacities. The new shape with rounded edges avoids any possible injury for the operator during the movimentation and the installation of the product. With the latest EC security normative update, it is mandatory to install a microswitch on the quick coupling system as a safety measure, to detect the presence of the locking pivot and allowing the machine to work. Our quick coupling system can be supplied with the microswitch, according to the EN 280 for EWP certification: it will be the installer’s care to connect it with the crane.

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