Our SKY baskets series includes many personnel baskets, ranging from two-men operators to four-men operators, made in steel or aluminum, with load capacities ranging from 200 Kg to 400 Kg. These baskets have the following features:

  •  The possibility to rotate the basket 360° continuously with an high-precision adaptor, which is installed on the arm’s suspension pivot and that grants a perfect control and stability. Through a hand wheel with knob, it allows the operator to manually rotate the basket on its own axis, in order to comfortably adapt the working position;
  •  Lower dead weight that grants a greater crane reach;
  •  Working area inside the shell without obstacles, for an easier and more comfortable utilization;
  •  Walk-in straight-man entrance with gravity closing, according to the current safety normative.

The SKYLER 2 model, for two operators, is available in steel, aluminum and fiberglass. It is made of the same shell as FAB and FAV models but with a modified attachment arm, that envelops the basket for its entire length, and in which the extensible and adjustable column is inserted, while keeping the possiblity to rotate 360°.

This column allows the operator to manually adjust the height of the basket’s arm, extending it up to two meters from planking level, granting the maximum comfort and efficiency for onboard operators.

All of SKY and SKYLER models can be equipped with our innovative inclination control FULLMATIC 2.0® patented system and our load-limiting device, following the current normative EN 280.

Considered the usefulness of the aluminum toolbox, we have decided to make it a standard equipment on every SKY and SKYLER model.