Ferrari International designs and manufactures personnel baskets that can be installed on any crane on the market, to allow safe utilization at high altitudes in compliance with current regulations.

The baskets are available in steel, aluminum and fiberglass, ranging from 1 to 4 operators, with or without rotation, with automatic leveling or manual, fixed or adjustable in height. Our baskets and platforms show various technical arrangements and details that make them the best in terms of safety, functionality and comfort for the operator.

The EC-compliant Ferrari personnel baskets are built according to the updated regulations in compliance with EN 280 for the baskets issued by equipping them with the necessary security systems, which are:

Levelling control system (FULLMATIC 2.0) for those baskets whose planking floor is lower than 1 square meter.

Levelling control system (FULLMATIC 2.0) + load limiter for those baskets whose planking floor is greater than 1 square meter.

The shell is equipped with lower foot-protection rubber bumpers, side hand-protection and shock-absorbent rubber bumpers and striped, reflective adhesives for high-visibility even at night.

Baskets are accessible through various kind of entrance, all of which work with gravity-closing or assisted-closing gates to ensure safety.

The quick-coupling system enables the operators to couple the basket and the mechanical arm quickly and in total safety. The universal aluminium tool-box and the briefcase for documents are standard on all models.

On all our gravity-balanced personnel baskets series, we have painted the balancing cylinder with the RAL 3020 red color: beyond improving their look by having them show Ferrari’s classical three-color style, their new visibility enhances their safety functionality for on-board operators and for nearby personnel. Furthermore, on the balancing hydraulic cylinder of our FAB – FAV – AGLY models, we have installed a toptier flow regulator valve, allowing the operator to adjust the speed at which the basket is balanced according to necessities.