The Kit SKY AUTO is an innovative self-levelling system for SKY and SKYLER baskets, designed to guarantee a continuous control of the basket inclination.
It is realized according to the current European Norms and can be installed even after the purchase or on older models. Thanks to the top-tier hydraulic control unit and to the electronic digital card, according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and to the technical norm EN 13849-1 PL d, the operator on board can work with the maximum safety and comfort even in the most critical situations. The calibration and setting of the card are made through a series of regulation trimmers inside the card itself.

For SKY and SKYLER models with load capacities up to 200 Kg, our Kit SKY AUTO is enough to make the basket compliant to the EN 280 norm; for SKY models with load capacities greater than 200 Kg it is necessary to install also our load limiting device.