The FAB AUTO is an innovative self-levelling basket, which offers the possibility to work under bridges.

The innovative and patented levelling system is composed of three main components:

  •  An hydraulic actuator, which allows for a 360° (non-continuous) rotation of the arm, granting overhead and below-bridge work possibility;
  •  A top-tier hydraulic control unit that grants perfect control to the actuator’s cylinders, while keeping the energetic consumption at a minimum;
  •  An electronic card that controls the balancing of the basket through the inclination sensors.

Our patented system’s greatest innovation lies within the hydraulic actuator, working with oil-immersed steel spheres which move inside the cylinders to adjust the inclination of the basket.

The FAB AUTO comes as a single-seater with load capacity 120 Kg (EC) or 250 Kg (NOT EC), or as a two-seater with load capacity 200 Kg (EC) or 250 Kg (NOT EC). These two versions utilize the shell of a FAB 1 S and FAB 2 S respectively. A third version
comes with a dedicated shell, narrower but deeper than a two-seater, with load capacity 300 Kg (NOT EC) for three operators.

A safety knob installed on the actuator grants the possibility to manually lock or unlock the basket’s arm, if necessary. In case of emergency, the knob can be unscrewed to make the basket gravity-balanced.

The hydraulic system is therefore completely self-sufficient and independent from the machine which the basket is mounted on.

The component that ensures the working of the system is the digital electronic card, which is in compliance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE and the technical normative EN 13849-1 PL d. The calibration and setting of the card are made through a series of regulation trimmers inside the card itself.

The FAB AUTO is equipped with a practical aluminum toolbox and with the zinc-plated quick coupling system for the pull-in part, which we decided to make a standard equipment on this model.